Nigel Egg Family of Brands.
Nigel Egg holding guitarSometimes being Nigel Egg is not enough. 

The Family of Brands gigs are occasions to have  fun playing with musicians who are better than me! Over the years, I have been fortunate to become friends with some amazing musicians, songwriters and singers - all of whom have their own thing going. 

And then I have alter egos - Bobby Butter, Commander Meat Organ and others - that force me to step out of the space-time continuum and walk on the wild and crazy side. And, more importantly, wear different outfits! 

Hey - want to hear a Nigel Egg live radio interview and performance? Click below to hear the August 11 2014 Might Mouth Blues Radio show on NWCZ in Tacoma Washington with radio legends Oogie Richards and On One!


Nigel's albums are available from CD Baby,  or by download. from iTunes, Amazon  and all the usual places. If you'd like to see the album art work, song lyrics and liner notes, click NEW ALBUM at top of page. You can download the files too.   



Nigel Egg: The Blues Is Personal

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