Nigel Egg has a new album -
Nigel Egg holding guitarThe Blues Is Personal!

Blues songs about real things and things that might be real. About himself or people like you or people we might like to know. You can hear a few of them right here on the music page.

Nigel Egg believes that Blues music could (and should) be as popular as Country music in America. Many people have already decided whether they like Blues music or not. So there is a hard core of long-time Blues fans and not many new fans. Because the Blues hasn't changed much and there haven't been many reasons to give it a second look.  

Nigel says, "It's all about the songs. If we write good Blues songs about the things that are happening to all of us here in the 21st century, the new fans will come. We'll hear blues on the radio as part of regular weekday programming!"

The first single from The Blues Is Personal is "Imagining You Naked". It's hilarious! There should be a video on this page. Watch it on YouTube to see full-size.  

Nigel's albums are available from CD Baby, Amazon or by download. from iTunes and all the usual places. If you'd like to see the album art work, song lyrics and liner notes, click NEW ALBUM at top of page. You can download the files too.   



Nigel Egg: The Blues Is Personal

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